Vitis Life puts great effort in providing a quality service to its clients and partners.
If despite our best efforts you wish to express your dissatisfaction, we invite you to address your complaint first at our services.

- By letter to:

Claims Service
B.P. 803 - L-2018 Luxembourg

- By e-mail to:

The complaint must include the following information:

  • contract number;
  • reason for your complaint;
  • your contact data (address and telephone number, e-mail address if applicable);
  • the signature of the policy holder (or his procuration holder).

Your complaint can also be introduced telephonically by calling +352 262 046 500

Vitis Life will send out a confirmation of reception of your complaint within 8 working days.
Vitis Life will examinate your complaint and react upon it within one (1) month of confirmation of reception.
In case Vitis Life would be unable to provide a final answer within this timeframe, you will be informed of the reasons for the delay and you will be provided with a new timeframe.

Your are also entitled to introduce your complaint with the following legal authorities:

  • Commissariat aux Assurances (the controlling authority of the sector for the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg) at the following postal address : Commissariat aux Assurances, 7 Boulevard Joseph II, L-1840 Luxembourg.

  • IVASS - User Protection Service - Via del Quirinale, 21 - 00187 Rome, Phone 06.421331 (presenting the documentation concerning the complaint handled by the insurer for matters relating to the contract);

  • CONSOB - Via U.K. Martini, 3-00198 Rome, Via Broletto or 7 - 20123 Milano, telephone 06.84771 / 02.724201 (presenting the documentation concerning the complaint handled by the insurer for subjects related to information transparency).

You retain the right to bring legal proceedings.