VITIS LIFE focuses on his unit-linked offer for High Net Worth Individuals

UPDATED 27/06/2012
Universal Life contracts are no more offered.

VITIS LIFE has been offering high-end life insurance contracts to High Net Worth Individual for several years now.

This implies that the policy must include an estate planning and a specific financial combination, which can be offered only through our solution VITIS Wealth Executive.

Moreover, in recent years subscriptions in universal life contract have been extremely low and represented less than 2% of total premiums for 2011.

VITIS LIFE decided to concentrate only on unit-linked contracts and to stop marketing its universal life offer (guaranted rates funds as "ambitio sécurité") because it does not fit into this line of development.

So, consider that from today:
- It is no longer possible to take out a universal life policy;
- The additional payments under existing guaranted rates funds as "ambitio sécurité" with VITIS LIFE are no longer possible;

We remind you that we have an “à la carte” offer for our contract unit-linked (dedicated funds, collective internal funds, external funds). Do not hesitate to contact our country manager for more information on this contract.



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