Partner Life

Are you a private banker or wealth manager and looking to consider some uncommon wealth situations? Are you an expert looking for personalised solutions ? Do you want to be able to count on multidisciplinary teams made up of the top experts in the sector, both internal and external (tax experts, legal experts etc.) ? If so, come and meet us !

As a partner, you represent an essential link between us and our common clients. We truly believe this is the best way to work, to surround and to support our clients.

VITIS LIFE is always looking for opportunities to extend its international network of partners.

If our work philosophy is attractive to you and you believe in the added value that we can represent for you and your clients, do get in touch with us so that we get to know one another. We will build up our partnership in terms of reciprocal value.

Contact Vitis Life S.A. or Vitis Life - Belgian Branch.


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